Dead Weight Man Anchors

Dead Weight Man Anchors

When you’re in a location where it’s not viable to fit a guard rail, SafeRailTM Dead Weight Man Anchor provides an easy cost effective solution without compromising your safety.

Our man anchor system splits into pieces which allow it to be easily transported, and is fast and easy to assemble. The centre of the system weighs 20kg and is constructed from galvanised mild steel. This central anchor point is then fitted with 6 or 8 (depending upon type specified) 20kg steel weights onto which 20kg rubber weights are added.

The steel weights have 5mm rubber protection pads fitted, this prevents any possible damage to susceptible roof surfaces and provides better grip on all surfaces.

Our Man Anchors have been tested to Standard. EN795.1997 by Satra Technology Centre on the following surfaces in both dry and wet conditions.

  • Stone Chipped Surface Roof
  • Bitumen Roof
  • Paving Slab Roof
  • Asphalt Roof
  • Steel Roof
  • PVC Membrane Roof

Once assembled Safety Ropes and Harnesses can then be hooked onto the heavy duty centre anchor point.

Our Dead Weight Man Anchors are available in either 260KG and 340KG sizes, the mobile man anchor has an approximate radius of 1.5 Metre

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