Freestanding FOldable Barrier

Freestanding Foldable Barrier

If only occasional roof access is required you may want to consider our collapsible barrier system. The folding barrier enables you to collapse the barrier whenever its not in use.

SafeRail has its very own unique design which makes the collapsible system aesthetically pleasing like no other system on the market. The raked curved design helps to reduce the institutional feel against other handrails.

The SafeRail system provides permanent edge protection without the need to mechanically fix through the roofing membrane or roof structure, providing full protection where regular access for maintenance and inspections are required.
The strength, stability and safety of the SafeRail systems are derived from our specially designed cantilever uprights, hence there is no need to drill and puncture the roof membrane. This avoids noise disturbance during installation and potential penetrative water damage.

The design has additional benefits of being able to be left in position during refurbishment work as each leg has a locking screw which enables each leg to be lifted independently during re-roofing works, in some cases eliminating the need for scaffolding works”

All SafeRail™ systems have been tested and approved by Satra Technology and guaranteed that SafeRail™ is designed, manufactured and installed to its full specification.

All SafeRail™ systems comply with the following requirements:

  • EN 13374
  • EN ISO 14122-3, Section 8.2
  • European Directive 2001/45/CE
  • BS6399: Part 2 1997 Code of Practice for Wind Load
  • HSE Working at Heights Regulations 2005

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